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Joe: Hey, have you seen this?

Donna: What?

Joe: This site. It's got a whole lot of games, graphics and clips just on our theme.

Donna: Wow but we can't include all of that, there's too much.

Joe: Unless we made it a link on our site, so people would look at it.

Donna: Like how?

Joe: Well, first find the address - like www and so on and make it a hyperlink.

That way we aren't the ones putting the information on our site, so we aren't the ones who are trying to publish it.

Donna: Good thinking, do we have to ask?

I guess we could check that the site's legit and then maybe send them an email.

Joe: Since we are putting in some links, why don't we put in links to some other sites that have games and information and facts just so we don't clutter up our own entry.

Donna: Yeah, sounds like a plan.

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