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Video 1: What about using text?


Donna and Joe have found some useful information in books and other publications.

Can they use it?



Joe: You mean we've got to write all of this info ourselves?

It's much quicker just to copy and paste some stuff straight from the net.

Donna: Wrong - Remember this is supposed to be all our own work.

We can read other people's stuff and get information but we'll have to come up with our own sentences.

Joe: But what if we find a really good bit - like this one here, with all these fact and figures and stuff - we can't make those up.

Donna: We can use a quote as long as we add in who wrote it and where it comes from.

Joe: Right, so you mean we have to 'attribute' it - Fine!

Donna: Hey, here's something that says 'we can use it for free as long as we're not making any money out of it.

We should be able to use that, that should be alright, don't you think?

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