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Video 1: Photos and images


Pictures and illustrations can bring a website to life.

Where can you get them?



Donna: Hey, what about using these pictures here - they show the whole thing and we could scan them in.

Joe: Yeah and there are some others I found on those image and photo sites.

Donna: Do you think we can get permission for those?

Joe: Yeah, I guess we could email the name on the page and ask them if it is okay to use.

It would be worth the pictures are just right for our site.

Donna: OK, I'll do that but we better have a plan B just in case they don't want us to use it.

Joe: I could always draw us a picture -

or we could try some websites that let you use pictures for free.

Donna: Yeah, but we have to make sure it's all right to use.

Joe: Yeah

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