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What now?

My copyright?

If you can’t get permission to use someone else’s work then try creating your own work. As long as you create it yourself, you won’t need permission from anyone else.

Once you have a created a work, you own copyright in it. It is a good idea to put the copyright symbol on it so that other people know you are the copyright owner. For example:

‘Lily Bart © 2007’

If you are entering your work into a competition, you should read the competition terms and conditions. Some competitions ask you to give them permission to copy your work. Some competitions ask you to give the competition organisers copyright in your work. You should be very cautious about giving away your copyright, as this means that you may not have any rights to your work and the competition organisers will be able to decide if and when your work is copied.

If you decide to let others use your work for free (for example using Creative Commons) you will not be able to make money from that work in the future.

As the copyright owner, you can decide if you want to share your work freely with others or if you want to charge others to use your work.

You can decide how you want to be credited.