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Video 1: what about the music


Music can give a website emotion and feeling.

Is it as simple as including a backing track?



Donna: We need some music for the front page.

Joe: I know, how about that new song?

(BOTH start singing loudly)

Joe: I've got it on my player, we can dump it across. Do we need permission?

Donna: I spoke to Ms G and she said that we're allowed to use tracks in projects and homework and stuff.

But I think that only covers assessments.

To enter into the competition she said we need to get permission from the record company and music publisher.

Joe: How long will that take? The competition closes in three weeks.

Donna: Yeah, it could take a while. And I think you have to pay to use some songs.

Joe: What? Even for our site?

Donna: Well. it is a national competition - and it is going on the internet where everyone in the world could see.

Not only TV stations that have to pay.

Joe: Some we can download and pay for and some we can download and use for free like with the images.

Donna: How about that one?

Joe: Yep, or this?

Donna: Sounds good.

Joe: It's very 'groovy'.

Donna: But most of these say 'for personal use only', so I don't think we can use them for the competition.

Joe: Well, we could always write our own song using computers in the music lab.

Donna: Hope it's better than your drawing.

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