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Film and TV

Getting permission

To find out who owns copyright in a film, have a look at the credits on the back of the DVD packaging.

The name of the producer will be listed.

If you take a clip off a website check the credits to find out who you need to contact.

Back of DVD cover showing intergalactic films

Getting permission to use a film or TV clip can be complicated.

For permission to use a film or TV clip you need to contact the film studio or producer’s licensing department.

For a list of common contacts download a fact sheet from the Screenrights website. If the contact list does not list the producer/copyright owner and you need help working out who to contact, try contacting Screenrights at licensing@screenrights.org.

Sample request

Once you have worked out who you need to contact, have a look at this example (.doc 24 kB) of an email or letter asking permission to use an extract of a film that has been produced by someone else.