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Video 1: What is Copyright


If they want their website to be accepted into the competition, Donna and Joe will need to work out what copyright is all about.



Donna: It says copyright is the protection in place to stop people copying other people's work without permission.

Joe: So, what's protected by copyright?

Donna: Pictures, music films, books - just about everything.

Joe: I suppose it is pretty artistic.

Oh Come on - who's going to know?

Donna: We have to ask permission to use other people's work.

When you think about it is kind of fair.

After all, if I want to use your work, I have to ask first.

Joe: OK, so how do we get permission?

Donna: It says you have to contact the copyright owner.

Joe: So how would we contact Lakeside Publishing or Nathaniel Boston Photographics? How do we do that?

Donna: I suppose we can try and email them first.

Then, once we get permission we have to attribute it.

Joe: What's that?

Donna: I think it means we have to put their name on our site to give them credit for their work.

Joe: I've seen that before - they use it in books.

Donna: You have to do it on websites too.

Hey, look at this, it says we might even have to pay to use some things.

Joe: What!

Donna: Well, I suppose that kind of fair, it is their work. You'd want to get paid for it if it was your work.

Joe: But we don't have a budget for the project. Somehow I don't think the school will pay.

At least Mr Ferguson wouldn't cough up anything for it.

Donna: That's OK - I think we can explain that we are doing it for a school competition - maybe they will let us use it for free.

Joe: OK then, it looks like we'll have to include this copyright stuff on our to do list for the project.

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