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Video 1: The Challenge


Donna and Joe are keen to enter a web design competition.

Maybe it is not as simple as it first appears.

Watch the video and find out their challenge.



Joe: Yes!

Donna: What?

Joe: That's the one.

Hey look at this, it's done.

Donna: No need to shout.

Joe: Oops.

Donna: What's done?

Joe: This - The website for the competition.

Donna: Already? We've just started.

Joe: Yup, fast worker.

Do you want to look?

Donna: Where'd you get all the pictures from and the music?

Did you write all of this?

Joe: Might have had a little help from a few search engines.

Donna: Hang on. It looks great but the competition says that it has to be all our own work or we have to get copyright clearance for anything else.

Joe: Huh? What's that?

Donna: Not sure - but I think it means we haven't finished and that you can't just grab together a whole lot of stuff.

Joe: You mean I have to start again?

Donna: Maybe not, we'd better find out.

Donna: You know, there are actually some good ideas here.

If we can make it all work with our own stuff there's a good chance that we'll get the website into the finals.

Joe: You reckon?

Donna: Yeah, just got to make it ours.

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